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The end of net neutrality knocks on our doors


As recently announced, the FCC had to come up with the final proposal regarding net neutrality until November 22nd. Yesterday, Ajit Pai announced that it will dismantle net neutrality rules, giving giant telecom and web companies full power on deciding what online content to deliver to their customers. Additionally, the end of net neutrality would mean that ISPs can either slow down or speed up web services at their own will. Clearly, only big companies will afford to offer the best connections to consumers.

FCC Chairman mentioned the new proposal would actually mean restoring internet freedom since it forces ISPs to be transparent on the costs they require users for each web service they provide. Customers can simply choose a service plan according to their needs and preferences. Basically, American citizens will pay different costs for a basic internet service and will have to pay more if they want to access music or movie websites, for example.

This totally contradicts the idea of free internet like we have all known it so far, not to mention that it favors unequal competition on the web services market.

Take a stand and fight against the end of the open internet

The draft order will have a final vote on December 14th; supporters of net neutrality including Defensive Thinking can still fight against this decision and claim the FCC had weak reasoning on concluding to eliminate Title II of net neutrality. Title II states that internet is a utility service and prohibits internet providers to block or prioritize data and online content.

As mentioned before, this law affects all internet users worldwide even though it directly targets American citizens. A big internet censorship era is about to begin.

Right now, the Congress is the only authority that could write a law that prevents strict regulation of ISPs. We can all take a stand and can still fight against it by   contacting the American Congress.